GYPSO Skimcoat

GYPSO Skimcoat is a gypsum finishing plaster intended for interior smooth trowel application. It provides a smooth, inert, high quality surface to internal wall or ceiling.

Gypso Skimcoat is a by-product gypsum-based material resulting in a lower energy consumption and is more environmentally user friendly than traditional cement or mined gypsum-based materials carries a lower CO2 footprint.


  • Applied as smooth trowel surface to receive decorative finish for internal walls and ceilings
  • Formulated for thin layer within 0.5 – 5 mm thickness
  • Lower energy consumption related to heating and cooling
  • Used for Internal dry conditions onto concrete, render, brick, masonry, block walls, rough surfaces, gypsum block, cement board, panel walls or on top of GYPSO Render


  • Excellent thermal insulation properties
  • High resistant cracking and high strength
  • Fast application with ease
  • Short curing time – reduces construction time
  • Excellent decorative effect
  • A smooth seamless surface to wall and ceiling
  • Reduce water absorption 
  • Green product with energy saving properties

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